Here we go again !

Here's the beginning of september, I've to say that I'm a little bit depressed because september means that we have to go back to school and school is not the happiest place in the world.
To be honest I'm not depressed maybe because I have one week left before going to college for the first time, I can't wait to be a foreign language student (english-spanish-portuguese). I can't believe I was graduated from high school, I mean for me it's kind of weird because now I'm really going to concentrate on my future. I remember when I was like twelve, I didn't think about college, about my future and everything. Now I'm wondering if I'll be good enough or if I'll be able to achieve my goal which is stressing me out...

Anyway here's my new look, it's quite simple : for the top I put a silk scarf that I transformed into a top and for the bottom I put a flare pants, I don't usually wear flare pants because I prefer skinny jeans but I love the mix between silk and flare pants. 

For the top I inspired myself for the Dolce & Gabbana collection for Spring/Summer 2012 which is one of my favorite collection ever !

Bonus : 
Let me introduce you to the cutest dog of the world

It's my baby, the love of my life, my everything... He is a chowchow and his name is Miko, he makes my heart melt. It's hard to take a picture with him on it I think he hates pictures :/ 
But don't worry you'll see them on others post and that is for sure ! :)

Scarf : Gil De Losne - Flare Pants : C&A - Cardigan : H&M - Shoes : New Look - Belt : Hermés Vintage - Hat : Unknown Shop

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  1. Your dog is amazing!!! I love chow chows! like a little bear! Sorry to hear your depressed about going back to school,I remember that feeling to though :)


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