We can be heroes ♫

Here we are, I have two days left before going back to school ...
A part of me can't wait to go to college because it will my first year but the other part wants to stay on holidays, laying in bed all day and watching some TV shows ;)
So here's my perfect outfit for going back to school. I wore it five days ago because I got a pre-return to school (for some informations). And with that outfit I introduce you to the perfect shirt EVER ! I wanted a David Bowie top for ages. When I was in Spain two months ago, I went to Mango and I fell in love with it  so when I got back to France, I bought it, I couldn't resist :)

My shirt is super duper amazing isn't it ? 

I'm also totally in love with my bag

And now it's time to enjoy my last two days of holidays ! :) 

Shirt : Mango - Velvet Jacket : H&M - Treggings : H&M - Bag : H&M - Shoes : New Look 

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