Atychiphobia : Fear of failure.

I'm finally on holidays ... well it's not holidays because it's only a week so I think it's time to make a point about my studies. To be honest I'm completely lost, I don't know what to do anymore. I like what I'm doing actually : translation, language practice, learning portuguese it's not what disturbs me, the problem is that I got some informations about journalism studies after I'll get my license. In fact I'm scared of competitive contests because I have to do a competitive contest in order to get into journalism and I know it will be complicated because firstly they're expensive, secondly schools will take 20 persons out of 700 for example and thirdly I'm clearly not the smartest girl on earth.
So I was thinking about stopping what I'm doing right now and doing a professional license specialized in journalism but it's also about a competitive contest or maybe getting into a private school but you have to pay 5000€ a year I'm sorry to say that but I'm not Paris Hilton my parents aren't rich !
Right now I'm thinking about studying abroad, maybe in Belgium because you have more chance to pass your exams. So yeah I'm lost, scared and hopeless. Why is everything complicated ? I really need to stop overthinking. (I'm sorry if you find some grammar mistakes but as you probably know I'm french)

My obsession right now is crop top !  Normally I hate showing my belly but creating a blog has taught me to accept myself :)

I'm sorry if my post was a bit more personal ...

Have a good day everyone !

DIY Crop top : Jennyfer - Short : Zara - Velvet jacket : H&M - Shirt : Hollister - Shoes : H&M

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