Sweet Eighteen ♕


I'm finally 18. I've waited for this day for so long maybe since I was born :)
In fact I don't feel like I'm 18 I don't know why , I don't think it's a special age , it's just one more year and I don't want to be older. ;)  
The thing that I love about birthdays is that you feel like you are someone special, that "everybody" loves you, you get tons of calls, tons of messages and I love it ! 

You don't  know how much I love this outfit I think it's my favorite that I ever wear ! I love the patterns they go so well together .

 I can't wait to be next week because I'll get my first tattoo ! I'm so excited but in another way I'm a little bit scared of the pain ...

Have a nice sunday !

Shirt : Promod - Dress : H&M

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