I love gossip-

I'm sorry about my absenteeism, I've been pretty busy in those last few days like you may know I celebrated my birthday with friends and family a week ago (I'll make a post about it) and so I needed to recover from all the emotion because that night was totally amazing and crazy. 

I want to introduce you to my new fluffy coat, it's so amazing, warming, flawless ... everytime I have to take it off it's like a heartbreak, I think that's what we call LOVE.

As you can see I dyed my hair, I did the same color two years ago so I wanted to get it back so TA-DA !

This top is my favorite top of all time  ! It was one of the gift from my stepfather that I got for my birthday and OH MY GOD it's a Karl Lagerfeld one ! When my stepfather gave me it I cried like a baby I couldn't believe my eyes so now you know of what I'm talking about when I said "recover from all the emotion" it's because of my crazy, awesome stepfather :) 

Have a nice day !

Coat : Topshop - Shirt : Karl Lagerfeld - Short : Zara - Shoes : Gift from my BFF

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