Into the cold ☃

It's so freezing in here ! Everytime I get out of my house I come close to death with hypothermia...

Christmas is in 1 month, do you believe that ? *_* I can't wait ! Christmas is one of my favorite things because I love Christmas lights and the atmosphere and presents ;) 

I'm totally in love with the shoes, I love wearing them in my house. Yeah in my house ... wearing them outside it's a bit complicated if you know what I mean ;)

2 weeks ago I went to Paris and I decided to go to the Karl Lagerfeld store and I bought a cap that you can see on the pictures but we can see it clearly so here's a picture that I took at the store :

The cap is so perf', when I die I want you to bury me with it ! 

Have a nice day !

Velvet Jacket : H&M - Dress : H&M - Cap : Karl Lagerfeld - Shoes : Unknown shop

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