Spoiled baby ♡

As you know I celebrated my birthday with friends and family 3 weeks ago.
I think it was one of the best day of my fuckin' entire life. I had so much fun, everything went like I wanted and I've been so spoiled so here's my amazing presents : 

I'm going to show you the presents in the same order when I opened them that night

Platform Shoes

From the best girl in the world aka my best friend, she knows me so well. I love them so much, I love walking around my house with them on my feet.

Dior Prestige Masque

From my half-sister, she knows my taste for luxury. This cream smells divinely good.
Skull Candle

From my sister, I wanted one for a long time so here it is.

Cute Bracelet

From my sister too, this bracelet shows another part of my world, I love kawaii things.

And the best for the end 

Karl Lagerfeld Candle

Karl Lagerfeld Top

For the little anecdote, after I opened the package of the cute bracelet I thought that it was the last present but my stepfather told me that there was a a big box waiting for me under the table so I took it, took off the tape (at the same time I broke a knife, sorry mom') then my heart stopped beating, first I saw one  Karl Lagerfeld paper bag then another one Karl Lagerfeld paper bag ... I couldn't believe my eyes then tears were rolling down my face. All this paragraph to say that my stepfather is simply the BEST !

I also got a car (a convertible one) from my father but now I have to wait until I get my driving license and I got my tattoo from my mom' but you'll see it in the next post.

Bonus : We also did a Champagne Pyramid, I'm so proud of it, let's take a look ;)

Pardon my face but I needed to concentrate ;)

Have a nice day guys  

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