You give me shivers.

I hate winter ! Well it's not winter yet but it seems like winter to me. You know I hate that kind of weather because I don't know how to dress myself, I can't dress myself like I want. I want to wear tops without a cardigan or a jacket, I want to wear sandals, I want to wear shorts without tights, yeah because my tights always end up like a mesh potato bag even if I put 10€ into it, am I the only one to have this kind of problem ? GOD yeah I hate winter (almost).

The only positive thing about winter is wearing my beloved coat, I'm still amazed by this amazingness (sorry guys I love the world "amazing") and you know what ? (here comes the boring story teller) 2-3 weeks ago I went shopping with my friend and at a shop (that I won't name) I saw exactly the same coat but not as the same price (395€) whereas I paid mine only 103€ from Topshop, useless to say how outraged I was when I saw the price at the shop.

I want to introduce you to my new amazing bag from Furla ! It's so perfect ! I wanted one for a long time so when I got an invitation to a "Ventes Privées" in Paris I couldn't resist especially when it's a good bargain, I got it at 99€ whereas the real price is 200€ my credit card wasn't and still isn't happy about it but we could say that it's my christmas present ;) 

Coat : Topshop - Top : Promod - Leather Short : Zara - Bag : Furla - Cap : Karl Lagerfeld

Have a nice day

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  1. Love this! That coat is gorgeous- but I totally know what you mean about not wanting to dress for winter!


  2. Great fur coat! Winter can be annoying to dress in! But you look amazing



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