Golden Globes 2014 : Best Dressed

Before I start this blog, I told to myself that I couldn't wait to start a blog and talk about awards season especially about the best dressed celebrities. The awards season (Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Oscars ...) is my favorite thing not only because of the fancy dresses but also because of the events by themselves.

I have begun to watch them online for 3 years now. The most difficult thing is that I don't sleep at night because there's 8 hours shift between France and Los Angeles so that means that when the show begins at 8pm ET that means that I have to get up at 2 in the morning then go back to sleep at 6 and it's even harder when you have school right after ...
And the thing that I used to do is hiding myself under the blanket with the computer so my father couldn't discover what I was doing at night :)

Anyway here's the best dressed :

Kelly Osbourne

Elisabeth Moss

Olivia Wilde 

Cate Blanchett

Mila Kunis 

Caitlin Fitgerald 

Which one is your favorite ?

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  1. Cate and Milan looks really really beautiful!! Thanks so much for visiting and following my bog, it means alot to me! I'm now following you too in GFC and BlogLovin'. :) Can't wait to read more posts from you.

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  2. Incredible style and blog! :)

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  4. I love the golden globes award aswell because I love to see what they wear. Its cute how you used to hide under the duvet to watch it. I do that too sometimes with other programmes :P


  5. Great post! I love caitlin's dress
    you have a new follower! :)


  6. Caitlin looked amazing, she was my ultimate favourite!

  7. Mila looks stunning!

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  8. love the blue dress :D


  9. Such a really great and interesting post! they all look stunning.

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  10. last one!
    Nice blog and post! I'm ur follower! :)
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  11. I love Kelly Osbourne's dress !!!



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