Sales will be the death of me ✝

I have made a promise to myself for this year : NO SALES  ! 
But I couldn't keep it (as usual) but it's not my fault, it's my college's fault, they should't have put 3 hours off between 2 exams ... yeah I'm a girl who is trying to find an excuse because she doesn't want to assume that she's a shopaholic ... Story of my life...

"Proud Soul" sweater from Zara

Iron Maiden shirt/dress from H&M (I wanted a band shirt since forever) 
Necklace from H&M

And my favorite purchase of all time : 

Holographic stilettos !!!! ✖‿✖ 
They are from Nelly, they weren't on sale but I needed shoes to put with my Karl Lagerfeld pants that I got for Christmas. I want to die with them on my feet ;) 

And what about you ? What was your last purchase ?

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