¡ Viva España ! (Part 2)

I finally came back from my holidays in Narbonne (South of France) so now I can continue to talk about Spain and giving you some good plans !
Like I said last time, I spent my time in Empuria Brava but especially in Rosas. You can do many things in these two cities like rent a little boat for an hour and driving a boat on the canal, it's very peaceful and you can see f**king amazing villas to make you dream, that's totally crazy ! 

I've mostly spent my time in Rosas because it's so much nicer than Empuria Brava because there are more bars and ice cream makers. The best ice cream maker is called Pecaditos. The owner is french and he's adorable and he has 36 ice cream flavors and also makes cocktails and his cocktails are WOW ! As a mojito lover I tried his mojito and you know what ? It was the BEST mojito I've ever had in my whole life and for only 5.90€ ! If someday you are in Rosas, you'll find him in front of the beach with a violet storefront.

Rosas is also known for her biggest clothes market. It takes place every sunday morning and the prices are absolutely not outrageous. 
You have many little shops at the heart of the city, many bars and restaurants, everyone can find what he's looking for. I went to a restaurant called Lalola, they cooked tapas, you pay 11€ per person with 1L of sangria per 2 person, you eat like a king and the staff is so adorable ! I have a ritual when I go to a restaurant, I always take a dessert so I chose a trio of ice cream with vodka, it was delicious but I was a little bit drunk (oops) ...

During my week in Spain I went to Barcelona, I have to say that this city reminds me of Oxford Street in London or Champs Elysées in Paris because there to many people and it's very annoying especially on a hot day. I did shopping, the sales at Zara were awesome but I've only bought one thing. I went to a shop called Shana, it's a bit like H&M, the prices are low and have a good quality and the clothes are made in Spain !
I didn't have time to visit Barcelona like I wanted so I wish one day I'll come back to Barcelona in order to explore more about the city like Gaudi architecture or El Mercato De La Boqueria.

Things I bought :

Donut keychain (smell like donut *_*)

My shirt from Shana

My leather short from Zara (I'm totally in love with it ♡)

The only thing that disturbed me is counterfeit handbags. I'll never buy a fake Chanel bag, I prefer to save money for years and to buy the bag of my dreams so I can wear it with pride.

I'm going to leave here because my article is a bit long but I hope it will serve you for your next trip (✿◠‿◠)

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  1. Love your style and your blog. Lovely pictures.

    Now following on GFC and Twitter. xx


  2. looks like you had a fantastic time! love your style!



    1. I did hav a great time ! Holidays are made to have a great time :)
      Thank you :)

  3. Nice post :)

    Xxx Cécile


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