Into the woods

Changing location for this look, I went into the woods, I think it's a perfect place for taking pictures and it's so peaceful but it's the hunting season right now so I was scared of being shot down by a hunter, I have to warn myself because there's always strange thing happening to me. 

I'm finally on Christmas holidays ! I was waiting for this for so long ,I think maybe for a year ;) 
But the sad part of it it's that after new year's eve I'll have like 1000 school exams for 2 weeks. Happy me ...

  I've been telling you my tattoo for more that a month now so here it is :) 

You can also see my new ring, I'm so in love with it ! The first time I saw it I didn't want to buy it because I have a shopping addiction and I'm fighting against it but the second time I went back to H&M and couldn't resist  ... but it's worth the money :)  

Have a great week-end !

Jumper : H&M - Skirt : Jennyfer - Shoes : H&M - Ring : H&M - Watch : Casio - Collar : DIY

6 commentaires:

  1. Oh my god, your face looks absolutely lovely!!!!

  2. Beautiful!

    xo Liesbeth

  3. Thank you so much for the cumpliments, you are lovely too, followed you, follow me back?


  4. cute

  5. very impressive!!..... U look so stylish.......


  6. Love that green sweater and the collar popping out!! Great look



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