The guide of the lonely Valentine


I think it's what you're saying right now and you're right. 
If you're like me waiting for your Benedict Cumberbatch or Jared Leto this post is for you.
I want you to forget about your singleness. 
There's a day for couples but for single people there is N-O-T-H-I-N-G  and that's totally unfair for us the beautiful single ladies so let's forget about that day and make it more enjoyable 

1. Read an awesome book
Right now I'm reading Revenge Wears Prada (yeah the sequel to The Devil Wears Prada).
When it first came out I was so excited because The Devil Wears Prada was (and still is) my favorite book and movie of all time so I had to buy it, a true fashionista has to buy it but I won't give you any spoilers ;) 

2. Make gummy bears cookies 
I found the recipe 2 weeks ago on Pinterest and I had to do it because it's "GUMMY BEARS IN COOKIES OH MY GOD I'M DYING !!" and it's so good but make sure to have many many many gummy bears because if you are hungry all the time like me it will be like "one gummy bear for me, one gummy bear for the cookie..." 
Here's the recipe : Yummy Yummy  

3. Paint your nails because it will relax you and nothing is better than that. 

4. Watch a movie or a TV serie
Ok you can see on the pic that I'm watching The Walking Dead, it's not the perfect valentine's day TV serie I agree but who cares, I'm trying to forget that I'm single ;) 

This is how I'm spending that f****** day and what about you ? What did you planned to do ? 

Anyway I'm still searching for my Prince Charming so if you are a guy with nice clothes, nice hair, with tattoos, listening to rock music and knows how to make the best mojitos MARRY ME !

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  1. You go, girl :) Enjoy it! <3 Emily

  2. Hehe this is such a funny post that I can totally relate too! Looks your day was a lot better than mine! Would you like to follow each other? If you decide too, please follow me and leave a comment so I can follow you right back! :) x


  3. Oh the days when I was single! Hahha...I wanted to have a valentines burning day. But I guess you're say is much more zen. However there are great things about being single, things you'll only realize once you're in a relationship. I'm telling you, enjoy it while it lasts :)

    - Che


  4. This is making me want to have a lazy day in bed!

    - You've got a lovely blog here, by the way. You've taken some beautiful shots! x

  5. love everything! great photos :D

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