Oscars Best Dressed 2014

Yesterday night was the NIGHT that I was waiting for a long time, the Oscars are my favorite ceremony ever ! 

I only slept 4 hours, I'm so tired but I don't care, the Oscars were awesome ! Ellen was hosting the event and she was fabulous and funny as usual, I want her to host the Oscars every year from now because she's simply the BEST. 
My baby Jesus, Jared Leto won his oscar and I'm so proud of him, it was so well deserved, nobody could have deserved that oscar more than him, his touching speech was the best speech of the Oscars history, I'm still crying. GOD !  

Some moments of the show will be unforgettable, the famous selfie that is making the internet crazy  right now, I wanted Jared Leto and Meryl Streep in a same pic and that dream came true ! 
The pizza moment was also awesome, Jared and Meryl eating a pizza was the most amazing thing ! 

I wish I was one of them, you know just to feel their adrenaline, their stress and to know what they're saying to each other :)

I could go on and on but here's my picks for the best dressed people of the night : 

Naomi Watts 

She looks stunning in her Calvin Klein dress and her hair is perfect. 

Amy Adams

  I love the color of that dress, that electric blue goes so well on her, thanks Gucci ! 

Meryl Streep 

And here's the Queen of everything ! So simple but so chic, she's fantastic, she has been wearing Lanvin for 3 years now just for the pleasure of our eyes. She's 64 but she looks like 40, stop doing that to us Meryl ! 

Lupita Nyong'O

After the Queen, here's the princess Lupita or should I say Cinderella, I don't know have enough words to say how much she looks beautifully beautiful in that Prada dress, she'll make a beautiful couple Jared Leto, I ship them so hard  ;)

Matthew Mcconaughey/Jared Leto 

The two most handsome, sexiest guys at the Oscars ! White on mens OMG ! We should make a law about forcing men to wear white !

What's your favorite outfit ? 

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  1. I follow you on GFC and Bloglovin :) I'm waiting your follow back!

    J'aime les feuilles rouges

    xoxo Marta

  2. Lindos os looks de todos!


  3. J'aime beaucoup ce poste ,J'adore la robe de Lupita!
    Tu voudrais qu'on se suis on Gfc,suis moi et je suiverais de retour!
    Gros bisous!

  4. Very beautiful gowns they're wearing!

  5. I loved that you included the men in this too! I like white blazers instead of black.

    I'm following on GFC, I'd love if you could swing by my site as well!


  6. Lupita Nyong'o looks so beautiful :) the dress is gorgeous and it really suits her :)



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